Equipment Financing

I want to buy. But not all butt. . I do not want to rent does anyone know of one that provides financing and monthly payments? No not all leasing and loans. I was happy to learn … First do not buy new unless a fryer or the ice maker as used can cause pain. Restaurant Equipment has a large depreciation. A new Garland 8 burners that can cost more than $ 8. 000 new. To one reconditioned with a warranty that will cost about $ 2. 000 will work as well as the new. The restaurant business has the highest failure rate among all companies and is mainly along expanding payments or simply serving food waste and mismanagement. As long as your equipment is clean and maintained that can do the same and put more money in your pocket instead of theirs. Most equipment has many parts that could breakdown anyway. A refrigeration unit may cost $ 3. 000 and up new, but if you bought a used one that was not even working for a couple of hundred dollars and paid for a new compressor, thermostat and pipe installed on it. It only cost about $ 1. 500. It is easier to get financing is then used again unless they put a lot of money up front to cover the depreciation factor. Take my advice. Do some homework and you will always do as you have good management skills, good food and a menu that will not overwhelm your staff. Fancy new = lost money. Decent Used = success.