Finance Equipment For Your Business

I'm looking for loans to finance a detail (ongoing 26 years) existing business. What's for sale is the busienss name of the company, the team and the customer for $ 27,500. I have a debit card personal credit, but my score is pretty good. I do not own anything, but a small masonry company today and 2 vehicles. I like / think using the detailing business established as collateral would be enough to get a loan? All ideas, thoughts, advice? Tom_gpp >>> You mean a score of 620 or better good. Well, I have the answer here. Chances are you can do this through an SBA loan. You will need the business' tax returns and interim financial statements. They are usually pretty easy to get a decent credit (which are guaranteed by the U.S. Government), so if you have a good score should be established. Your local bank can usually help you with this. This link is also useful ***: Do not listen to these idiots "macro loan." It reaks of scam.