How to Get Truck Finance

Did you know that if you are interested in buying a truck, it's now easier than ever to find the perfect place for your business, dealership, or fleet, even in these difficult economic times. If you are a company driver and you are tired of all the nonsense that has […] Read more »

Finance Team

I'm more or less looking for a lead source for equipment financing company I started. Already have lenders to close deals, but I am looking for a source of lead or cheap. Any information is gratefully appreciated. I was so happy to find this – The easiest thing to do […] Read more »

Equipment Financing

I want to start a medical transportation business. The main objective would be transporting dialysis patients to and from dialysis. What steps should I follow? Equipment financing, inspection vans etc. I was so happy to find this – You have to contact your state medical regulator and get certified to […] Read more »

Finance Equipment For Your Business

I'm looking for loans to finance a detail (ongoing 26 years) existing business. What's for sale is the busienss name of the company, the team and the customer for $ 27,500. I have a debit card personal credit, but my score is pretty good. I do not own anything, but […] Read more »

Financing your business assets

I have a business that is in need training and funding for a total of 100K. I can not refinace my house. I do not have to pinch from retirement. Where I can go with little or no assets to get funding for my start up business. Basically … Talk […] Read more »

Asset finance for your business

. After looking around, I learned – It depends on what type of business you want to open. If it is a small business, then you could work a job while you start your business using funds earned from your employer. You must make your five-year plan to ensure that […] Read more »

Equipment Financing

I want to buy. But not all butt. . I do not want to rent does anyone know of one that provides financing and monthly payments? No not all leasing and loans. I was happy to learn … First do not buy new unless a fryer or the ice maker […] Read more »

Asset Finance

The financial sector assets should be regulated by the government, How can the industry ensure that regulation does not affect the benefits? The financial sector assets should be regulated by the government, How can the industry ensure that regulation does not affect benefits. I think I found an answer. What […] Read more »

Finance Team

There are only 4 questions I need help. Even I have selected correct answers but I need to clarify and steps for each. Please show me how to solve these questions. 1. ) Redwood Inc. Is considering the purchase of any new equipment costing $ 220,000. The equipment is amortized […] Read more »

Asset Finance

I'm taking a finance class introduction and I can not get a grip on the free cash flow. I understand that is completely different from the benefits, but do not understand exactly what your. Our book also says there is a financial point of view and active, but both offer […] Read more »

Asset Financing

Looking for an apartment, but I have no money, credit or documentation, therefore, I will need some insured as an asset based. I live in New York and the property is there too. No upfront fees. I can not afford the fees that the property can not cover. I was […] Read more »

What is Asset Finance

I want to know what the amount of loans and minimum asset based lending in the UK? Also how is the amount decided? Which is based. Basically … In the UK there are many loan companies specializing in different asset classes. You could write a book about it (and I […] Read more »